Look for the Light

Are you looking for the light?
Have you looked within?
You carry the light
it was with you at your birth.
The light is God's desiring for you,
It is God's love for you,
And it is inside of you,
waiting to be awakened by your attention,
waiting to flame forth in awareness
of the glorious
overwhelming love
God has for you.
Be it tiny flame or raging fire,
give your light your attention,
fan the flame or reduce the oxygen,
breathing in and breathing out
with intention,
to create the balance you need
to bear the light without burning.
You will most likely need help,
we usually require some assistance
when it comes to uncovering
and regulating our own inner light.
Most often we start
by seeing and honoring
the light of God
in one another.
Namaste, beloveds.