Sometimes in life we feel frozen,
unable to move
unable to feel
unable to see the path ahead.
The cold is bone-numbing,
making us feel spiky, brittle and hard,
so that even our yearning seems
stoppered and caught.
Beloved, when this happens,
we must first
Breathe deeply into the depth of our being.
Breathe deeply out into the world of our belonging.
And with each inhale we breathe in gratitude for the cold,
gratitude for the hardness,
gratitude for our frozen desiring.
And with each exhale we breathe out fear,
we breathe out pain,
we breathe out restriction.
Slowly, slowly, we begin to warm from the inside out.
(All things must be done from the inside out)
Slowly, slowly, as we accept our frozenness,
we begin to thaw.