Rumi Says

Rumi says, " One day I was going along looking to see in people, the Shining of the Friend.....I have traveled east and west not knowing which way I was going, following the moon, lost inside God."

Beloveds, it is my prayer and most fervent desire to look upon your beautiful faces and see within, to your beautiful souls and the Shining of the Friend inside of you.

But, I am afraid, 
because I must first look within
and see my own Shining.
It is a hard thing to do.
And I am scared to lose my egoself inside of God,
who would I be?
Help me this day I pray, O God,
to not look away from my own Glory that is the
You, Friend,
Shining deep from within.
Help me to surrender to the Mystery of not knowing,
Help me to get lost inside of You.
And then, I will be found again, by the
Million Shining Faces of the People in my World.