ENERGY WORK - $50 / hour

Energy imbalances can be physical or emotional, manifesting pain, anxiety, and exhaustion. Our goal is to facilitate balanced energy dynamics that promote self-healing and a connection with the universal energy flow.  Energy Work practices aim to restore this balance  through Reiki Energy, Energy Balancing, and Chakra Alignment. Want to know more about a typical session?

Reiki Energy: In Reiki the practitioner links clients to universal energy to enhance one's self-healing.  Reiki is practiced all over the world and for many different reasons, including pain management, emotional issues, and mental clarity.  Clients remain fully clothed, and touch is not necessary for energy to be connected and felt.

Energy Balancing: Energy imbalances can make us feel tired, sluggish and/or anxious.  Energy balancing assesses for blockages to flow and seeks to correct any imbalances.  Physical touch is not required.

Chakra Alignment: Here the practitioner assesses each of the seven chakras and connects with the universal energy flow to open and align the chakras.  This usually results in the client feeling rested and calm with an air of well being.  Great for anyone experiencing stress.

Reiki with Sheryl has resulted in the easing of both spiritual and physical discomforts.
— Denise