energy work

A Typical Session, $50/hr

why do clients come to receive energy work?

Healing Energy comes from the Source of all creation, and it works on four levels:  Physio/biological, Psychological, Emotional, and Spiritual.  Clients come for a variety of reasons,  but all are seeking some sort of healing, relief, or help with pain or anxiety.

WHat does an hour session look like?

Each session is different according to the customer's needs. There is general energy balancing and specific energy work. In a general energy balancing session, the client will come in and get comfortable in our welcoming space. The client will then lay on their backs atop the massage table. I begin at the crown chakra and work my way down to the feet, lingering over the seven chakras to assess and correct for any blockages. Then I ask the client to turn over onto their front and I again work from crown to root.  As I am performing Reiki I am also  'scanning with my hands,' that is, sensing the client's vibrational energy with my hands (and this is done without necessarily touching the client physically) to ascertain where the Reiki healing energy wants to go. I will follow this information during the hour session, exploring energy blockages both within and outside of the seven chakras. 

With specific energy work, the only difference is that the client presents with a particular description of a pain, concern or wound.  In this type of energy work I first assess the area of pain or concern,  and then perform a body scan to sense where the energy wants to go.  Oftentimes the area of pain is not exactly where the healing energy is wanted by the body. For example, a hip injury may relate to emotional pain and actually desire healing Reiki energy in the area of the heart chakra. It all depends on where the energy wants to go

I channel the Reiki healing energy with the client until I sense a release of the pain, concern or anxiety, or until our agreed upon time is up.  Some conditions require multiple sessions for complete clearing.

WHAT can I expect to Experience?

You can expect to rest on a comfortable massage-type table in a relaxing position, in a quiet welcoming space that is a satisfactory temperature for you.   Soft music may be playing, a lavender candle may be burning.  Your requests regarding aroma and sound are honored.   In a typical session it is not uncommon for a client to go to sleep and dream.  You may have an emotional release that involves tears or laughter or shaking. Where the energy enters you may feel numbness or tingling, cold or heat, or nothing.  It just depends on how you and your body are needing to receive energy on this particular day.  Reiki healing energy continues to work even after the treatment.

Everyone, without question, has said at the end of a session, ‘That was very relaxing!’