A typical session, $50/hr

Why do clients come to see a Spiritual Director?

Oftentimes people will come to a spiritual director because they have had an experience of something outside of themselves, and they aren't sure what to do with it.  It may be a traumatic experience, an illness or suffering, or  it may be an experience of great joy, awakening or awareness, but either way clients are searching for a safe place to unpack their experience and make meaning of it.  Clients also come because they are seeking a respectful place to talk about their own spirituality and how God (or their word for what is commonly called God) is at work in their lives.  As a spiritual director, I listen deeply to the client's story and questions, and together we invite the Holy into the space to help guide us to make meaning from the experience.   We work to connect our ego-selves to our deeper divine souls and create a center that can hold when we need it.

What does an hour session look like?

Typically in an hour session you will be welcomed into a comfortable and inviting space.   We will begin with a few moments of silence, and invite the Holy into the space to "sit in the third chair".   You are invited to break the silence when you are ready with whatever bubbles up from within, with the story that you need to tell on that day.  And from there we'll try to follow where the energy is, where God is, talking, listening and searching for how God is moving in your life. 

All conversation is of course confidential.

What are the goals of a session?

Using tools like Silence, Guided Imagery, Open Ended Questioning, and Deep Listening I help clients see: 

  1. How God is at work in their lives.

  2. How they are connected to something that is bigger than themselves.

  3. How to find meaning in their life circumstances.  
Together we will listen deeply for the questions or comments that the One “sitting in the third chair” is encouraging.