Aquatic Chemistry

Ours is an aquatic chemistry.
We are birthed from the waters
God breathed over. We hold
rivers and oceans within us.
It is no wonder that when deeply touched
we cry tears of salty water, because we are
connecting to the deepest part of ourselves,
connecting to our deep Divine soul,
connecting to the waters of God within.
This day, I pray, beloved,
you will notice what deeply touches you,
you will be aware of the sacredness
of your own tears, and you will allow the
The rivers of love within you to burst their banks
and flow outward, giving birth to the God within
over and over and over again.
To be blessed, after all, means to be fertile.
Go, beloveds, and spread your Holy love.

Look for the Light

Are you looking for the light?
Have you looked within?
You carry the light
it was with you at your birth.
The light is God's desiring for you,
It is God's love for you,
And it is inside of you,
waiting to be awakened by your attention,
waiting to flame forth in awareness
of the glorious
overwhelming love
God has for you.
Be it tiny flame or raging fire,
give your light your attention,
fan the flame or reduce the oxygen,
breathing in and breathing out
with intention,
to create the balance you need
to bear the light without burning.
You will most likely need help,
we usually require some assistance
when it comes to uncovering
and regulating our own inner light.
Most often we start
by seeing and honoring
the light of God
in one another.
Namaste, beloveds.


Sometimes in life we feel frozen,
unable to move
unable to feel
unable to see the path ahead.
The cold is bone-numbing,
making us feel spiky, brittle and hard,
so that even our yearning seems
stoppered and caught.
Beloved, when this happens,
we must first
Breathe deeply into the depth of our being.
Breathe deeply out into the world of our belonging.
And with each inhale we breathe in gratitude for the cold,
gratitude for the hardness,
gratitude for our frozen desiring.
And with each exhale we breathe out fear,
we breathe out pain,
we breathe out restriction.
Slowly, slowly, we begin to warm from the inside out.
(All things must be done from the inside out)
Slowly, slowly, as we accept our frozenness,
we begin to thaw.

Be the Shining

Let us not be fooled by any political party or ideology.
Neither has the sole right answer.
Neither owns the truth.
We are not a people divided.
We are sisters and brothers of the light.
We are ALL God's beloved children.
We are called to be the light,
we are called to own our unity
to the family of God,
to the world family.
Look today, beloveds, to see the Shining
of the Friend, the Shining of God,
in all whom you meet.
Including your own face in the mirror.
See the shining. Be the shining.
You, and your neighbor both,
Are the Friend.

Rumi Says

Rumi says, " One day I was going along looking to see in people, the Shining of the Friend.....I have traveled east and west not knowing which way I was going, following the moon, lost inside God."

Beloveds, it is my prayer and most fervent desire to look upon your beautiful faces and see within, to your beautiful souls and the Shining of the Friend inside of you.

But, I am afraid, 
because I must first look within
and see my own Shining.
It is a hard thing to do.
And I am scared to lose my egoself inside of God,
who would I be?
Help me this day I pray, O God,
to not look away from my own Glory that is the
You, Friend,
Shining deep from within.
Help me to surrender to the Mystery of not knowing,
Help me to get lost inside of You.
And then, I will be found again, by the
Million Shining Faces of the People in my World.